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    This really does come under the heading 'Asking for a friend'.

    My son-in-law works at a college which has a Denford 2600 Pro. The Y axis just judders when you command it to home. Nothing else (apart from homing X and Z) works until all is homed. He has checked wiring to drivers and all seems OK. I have not seen the machine and I am assuming it is a stepper driven gantry jobbie.

    I have suggested he checks the connections at the motor end as there may be a fractured connection.

    Any other ideas for checking?


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    I've worked on a few of the older versions of this machine, which are pretty much identical in design and it will most likely be the Homing sensor (proximity) as failed and the juddering is the steppers stalling when reachs ends. The steppers are weak and it doesn't take much.

    Also if it's the long axis then could be a lack of grease and crap in the rails and ball-nut, mostly because of they are bastards to work on. The steppers are only just strong enough and if the screw or bearings bind just a little they stall.

    The other thing it could be if he's calling Y-axis the one that goes across Gantry is the timing belt. They connect the motor to the ball screw with a short timing belt and they do wear.

    They are horrible to work on.!

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    Thanks Dean,

    I have a feeling that this machine is newish and not used that much. My son-in-law told me when he started working there that the machines were unused as nobody knew how to use them. Teachers had no engineering experience. Not knowing the machine, I couldn't think of much to check. It'll give him something to do at work.



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