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    Before I get a company in China to make custom mill ends for carving PIR foam I just thought i'd ask here incase there was someone in UK or Europe who might have a faster turnaround.

    I need R8, R6, R4 radius 4 flute HSS endmills @ 230mm long. One ballend and one flatend in each radius 16mm, 12mm and 8mm. The custom part is that R8 & R6 need to be turned down to fit a 10mm collet.
    6 pieces in total.

    Any links or suggestions most welcome

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    The last time I needed a custom part made I used these technical foam services. They helped me to draw up the part properly and prototyped it. See if they can help.

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    Might be worth contacting Drill Serice?? (www.drill-service.co.uk) - they did some custom cutters for a friend of mine.

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    Technical Foam Services Ltd are an independent, UK-based leader in expertly engineered, innovative industrial foam and rubber conversion in Europe and beyond.

    Combining cutting-edge engineering and foam conversion processes with a dedication to quality and complete customer satisfaction, at Technical Foam Services make it business to develop and produce exceptional flexible foam products to meet the exact requirements of each and every client.

    Technical Foam Services has a wide range of machinery and tooling that allows us to produce bespoke foam products. new innovations and ideas to bring more foam into the market.

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    In China they make and sell very cheap what you need.

    Best will be to make / or buy/ custom shafts on lathe and insert there cheap HSS tools. That's what i do even for wood, long reach. Price wise unbeatable and also you could do that for each job very cheaply.

    230mm 4mm tool is absurd.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    I sourced from D12, D16 mill ends from Rico CNC who I bought from before. I'm not using a 4mm at 230mm anywhere, that would be absurd! My nearest equivalent would be an R1.5 taper ballend on a 200mm long 16mm OD extender, which works just fine.

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