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    im not going to lie,some one with a lot more know how will get the best out of this, i got most things working but could not get the inputs for pnp proxy to work so time i give up

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    That's not a good reason to sell because if you don't know the difference between how PNP and NPN switches are wired you'll still have the same issue on any controller. It's not the controllers fault.!

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    i got them working on my mill on a different controller,might not be a good reason to sell but certainly gives people a good reason to buy
    theres only so much time im willing to give

  4. We suppose it is better use the new manual for the motion controller PLCM-E4 http://pumotix.com/upload/iblock/26a...30004d074b.pdf

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    that maual is not the best for mach3 plugin also the port do not come up as named in purmotix it just has a list of about 70 ports,see the picture for a more mach3 biased manual help on ports and pinsClick image for larger version. 

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    as jazz says above i did wire as pnp but turns out my proxy are npn so i guess would of worked, i think its a great product just needs more English support and clearer instructions for lower lever builders like myself

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