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    Hi Wal
    I haven't tried that stuff of yours but the Menzena stuff is the best i've used so far with a mop, a real glass like finish. The main thing is that the resin is really hard otherwise it wont polish as well as possible.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Wal View Post
    Whilst they considered it to 'look great' - I had to re-polish the lot before I was happy enough to consider it worthy of passing on to the guy I made it for. Here's a pic of how it came back from the shop, judge for yourself...

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    Nope, I'd have been saying something about that.! . . . Unacceptable returning a polished piece in that state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Nope, I'd have been saying something about that.! . . . Unacceptable returning a polished piece in that state.
    I don't disagree with you Dean - they'd probably argue that they're a coating service not a metal polisher, I could probably argue back that I supplied the metalwork already polished (as requested) and would expect to have it returned in that condition.

    Obviously something's gone wrong here, but my not saying anything - other than pointing it out in a friendly manner and letting them know that I re-polished the whole thing, boils down to a couple of things:

    a. Little faith that a re-polish would be much better (perhaps a little unfair - they've done excellent work for me in the past, but the fact they're saying it looks great when clearly it isn't is enough to make me think twice..)

    b. I don't want to be 'that customer' - I really value the fact they get the resin bit right (and that's not guaranteed, due to dust specks etc.) and I can't find anyone else that offers this service, short of doing it myself or going for a more antique feel. I've had the guy walk away from work in the past where I've asked for a specific approach where he probably thought it was more ball-ache than it was worth...

    Bit of a rock and a hard place, this one!

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