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    Hi There,

    taking the plunge into CNC

    selling my manual lathe and mill and looking to get something more sensibly sized......

    i have tried to narrow down my needs but tick all the wrong boxes as want the ability to prototype parts from all materials including steel so it seems to be a worst case of strength and rigidity therefor weight

    had an old roundhead Colchester Triumph and Bridgeport and while useful they are both huge in a garage and CNC was always the plan and the time has come

    for a mill i am thinking of a Denford Triac as the work area is big enough and they look to be a great starting point mechanically with great potential and well documented conversions.

    Lathe possibly a small Boxford 125 type machine but i have a small manual lathe so not any specific need for that yet

    would welcome any advice on the Triac as cost is a huge factor for me and the range of prices on these seem to range up to the point where a new china clone manual mill and conversion is tempting but i am sceptical on the quality of the end result.

    hope you are all doing good in the current strange situation we find ourselves in

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    so a little more about me and my setup

    like many i started out with the 3-phase dilemma and as i needed welding and cutting bit the bullet and generate my own.

    started with a 10kVA old Lister diesel which gave me a reasonable welding range but then picked up a plasma and needed air. i had a requirement for media blasting so ended up acquiring a hydrovane and a water cooled generator to cut down noise but was always struggling with power so finally found a bigger generator and with 80kVA think i now have more power than i will ever need.

    added a small 3D printer last year which i rebuilt and strengthened until i was happy with it and have been using that for a few needed parts and it has helped push me into looking to go CNC with the lathe and mill.

    i am expecting a long and painful learning curve in my future but looking forward to it

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