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    I'm now fully retired having spent the majority of my life at sea in the Merchant Navy. I originally trained as a teacher of handicrafts but did not get on with Pavlov's ringing dribble dogs so I never did teach. Instead I worked as a Fork-lift Driver, an Architectural Model Maker and Draughtsman, Shipwright, Steam Tug Engineer and finally serving 30 years in the Merchant Navy. I retired from sea in 2005 and then worked as a Design and Technology Technician at our local secondary school which is where had my first encounters with CNC machinery. We had a cnc Laser Cutter, a Mill and two small machining centres. On retiring fully I got back into model engineering and am now looking to making a live steam locomotive. I have a lathe and milling machine in the garage but am hoping to use my 6040Z to make some parts a) for the model and b) to convert the mill to cnc.

    Take care, Peter

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    Welcome along Peter from another newby. I'm a model road locomotive builder and am learning about CNC so no plans to convert one of my mills.....yet!

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