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    Best cheap Chinese lathe contoller.

    There are several of these lathe contollers from different manufacturers. Does anyone have any opinions/ experience on which make to buy or not to buy or are they all ok/ generic and buy on price?
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    I've got something very similar for my milling machine. Mine's actually a Newker (not Newkye) but the experience is likely to be very similar. They seem to be very capable but the main challenge is decrypting the user "manual" which has been machine translated and contains some very strong Chinglish. It's only after using mine for a year or so that I have been able to understand WTF some of it was on about. Consequently, I've pretty much rewritten the manual myself in Queen's English.

    Note however, that the lathe version will have different functionality (it's a different product to the mill version, with different front panel switches and software). Also note that Newker and Newkye actually have different software, as they are quite different companies. I discovered this when I emailed Newkye for support and they pointed out I had a Newker...

    So yes and no - they are apparently identical physically but contain different software at the very least. Your link shows a discontinued product but IIRC, I paid about 300 for mine when I was in China and TBH it wasn't a bad deal. I have it fitted on my Bridgeport conversion, having taken it off my larger Shizuoka mill which now has a Centroid Acorn. The reason for that was partly so I could do probing on The Shiz and also I couldn't get the tool length offset measurement macros to work. I suspect this was because they were intended for a bed mill - I have a turret mill.

    You can buy these direct from the manufacturer via AliExpress, which is the route I'd go, although you will get ripped off blind on the way into the UK by the combined forces of the tax man and the parcel courier.https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33052688069.html

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    Thanks for your reply. Did you get cables, switches and potentiometer with the controller? Do you use steppers or servo drives?
    Their info is more helpful than other chinese companies, are they helpful with technical info.
    Is there any chance of a photo of your control panel layout please?

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    Will do but I'm working ATM. Will dig some pics out later, perhaps this evening. I think I even have some Pootube videos I can point you at.

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    This is the An szghcnc 1000tdb 2 axis lathe controller. There is another Emco rebuild on the net if i can find it again!

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    I think they are probably used quite widely on Chinese industrial machines ie not just for export to Western hobby users.

    Mine came with connectors and rather long tails with all connections labelled up. They all come out of the controller on D connectors of various sizes. The main criticism would be that the wire gauge is very fine indeed which makes attaching crimps or ferrules rather tricky. When I shortened the tails, I transferred the labels which was a PITA.

    These controllers are self contained, so include display, membrane keyboard, IO circuits, USB socket and power supply (for the controller, not the servos). The outputs can be connected directly to the stepper / servo drivers using step / direction signals. If you want a closed loop system with external encoders feeding back to the controller, I think you need a different version. The limit switches, VFD controls, probe input etc are also direct connection.

    I first used it on my larger machine (Shizuoka). The original controls cabinet was big enough to climb inside and I managed to fit everything into the operator console box (at head height) but that was a bad move. Apart from cricking my neck, it was a real pain in the dick trying to access all the connections when building and commissioning it. That's when I changed it to the Acorn system in a sensibly sized cabinet, with an all-in-one PC on the desk alongside. Much better and it means I can do Fusion 360, email, music etc as well.

    I now have the Newker controller on my Bridgeport. It's not the tidiest installation but there doesn't need to be a lot in the cabinet. I have DMM Tech servos for X and Y and a Leadshine Easyservo closed loop stepper for the Z axis. The Z axis assembly is partially disassembled in the photo, as I am fitting a revised, simpler concept.

    Here's the Bridgeport (clone) machine
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9981.jpg 
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    The inside of the cabinet showing the rear of the Newker controller
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9984.jpg 
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    And the front panel of the mill version (990MDCa, 4 axis version)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9985.jpg 
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    Here's my first cut on The Shiz using the Newker controller. I wimped out and used a piece of The Brown Stuff but it all worked out fine.

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    Interesting videos of Lathe SZGH controller. Why to use an industrial type controller instead of mach3.

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    Interesting link for lathe SZGH controller:
    Good info on wiring and labelling of cables.
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