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    On the verge of ordering one of these, has anyone got any good or bad experiences with them?


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    One or two minor gripes, like I had to add an external MOSFET to switch my spindle on and off, but otherwise it just worked straight out of the box. The UCCNC software is pretty intuitive and works well too, and seems to offer a fair amount of scope for customising your control screen, though I'm only just getting onto that. And Balazs at CNC drive is OK at responding to questions/problems, even from newbies.

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    Thanks, item is on order. I use a plugin for my spindle which I believe will still work so that's solvedthat issue.

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    My machine is currently using one. The biggest issue with it was wiring the stepper motor signals....the unit does not have enough common terminals. Other than that its not too bad :)

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