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    Bit of a broad question. But what is involved in converting a CNC router to use a laser cutting head. Hopefully interchangeably.
    Just the outline issues at this time would be welcome. Router is ISEL 850x650 bed.
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    Depends what you aim to cut or engrave. Best will be Diode laser, as otherwise you will need tubes and optics. You will need a controller that supports laser control probably analogue control via voltage variation and software that could do that.

    You will need a screen to protect the machine from accidental glance, good quality laser goggles at the spectrum of your laser, a chiller ,compressor and air absorber and filter.

    On a bed size like yours is not worth to invest in Yag laser. As for the same money you can have a separate laser machine. The only thing worth the game is say real 2w diode and analogue controller. Or 2x2w . You could engrave stuff like with Picengrave. I have a setip for this which i never had the time to implement, if interested i could sell. PM me.

    So if you want to cut sth is not worth it.
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