Hi Guys,

Stumbled across this site yesterday after doing some research, some awesome info on here!

I currently have an old TOS-KURIM converted knee mill which uses an Anilam Crusader II and analog Indramat drivers for the DC motors. When I bought it everything was working fine but three years in storage while I sorted a home for it seems to have finished it off!

I've had enough of putting hours into trying to fix it and decided it may just be better to upgrade it to something more modern.

My plan is to rip everything out and replace all motors, and electronics and use something along the lines of MACH/Centroid to run it.

That's as far as the plans gone though, I've got plenty of experience running machines but not building them! I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the different motors and the sizes and control boards etc.

Any help would be awesome on what I need for a low budget install, this is purely a home machine for odd jobs so doesn't need to be amazing. I have access to much better machines at work for anything serious.