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    a small 600x1000x200 mm has parts 3-4k., i thought my build 8x4 would cost me in parts 6-7k, it cost me around 9-10k. That for very good machine. and it will take a couple of months at least even if you work with plans.

    Used machines could be a deal or not, the main problem with them is they could be to limited in something, too specialized. Or just to power hungry for a home workshop or even for a proper work shop. And problems and no support.

    There is nothing better than custom build machine for your specific needs. And even with the basic training and support from the builder you will be far far ahead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Not starting at 8K plus Vat I wouldn't. Then you are still stuck with a Chinese made machine that's using a DSP controller that is notorious for failing and is probably what he mentions in the description when he says the engineers replaced the control board.!... Knowing these things it will be running standard DC steppers on Cheap drives as well.
    The fact It's less than 4yrs old and already had main controller and spindle replaced says it all.!

    It's ok buying a used machine provided you know what you are buying. But when your talking 10K + which by the time got it back home and up and running can quickly turn into 11k.
    Then you still don't fully know how much wear n tear is on it so leave another 1K + in the budget for repairs or replacement parts. Then it gives you a lot of room to build a great machine that will do everything that one will. You'll also have a machine with much better quality components that are brand new so you can sleep easily for awhile knowing it won't need costly repairs.

    Second hand isn't always the way to go, esp if it's come from a working environment and not been refurbished.
    I'd offer them a cheeky 5 in cash.

    You never know until you try.

    But also scour the proper auctions ebay is crap is routers, but a few routers have gone cheap through eddisons I've been tempted but no where to put them and always way up north.

    Prices down south are twice the price of up north I noticed.

    Transport and of course remember your fees and vat if your not vat registered.
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    hi there jazz new to the forum do you build and sell machine

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    I'm VAT registered so no real gain with a cash offer and as Jazz has said and what I fear the most buying 2nd hand is a risk.......add to that buying 2nd hand pretty much blind via auction site add to the risk, it would have to be A/ either a known recommended machine at the right price or B/ a real bargain to leave plenty in the pot for the unknown repairs that may or may not be waiting once home and set up........or better still as the conclusion I was/am pretty much at and after taking some superb advice build a machine tp the best of my ability/budget ......this way I'll know the machine inside out for any repairs/maintenance and hopefully gain a far superior machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warriors01 View Post
    hi there jazz new to the forum do you build and sell machine
    Yes I do. Drop me a PM with a few details of what your looking for and I'll let you know if I can help and give you my contact details.

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