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    I'm also looking for a CNC service to make some vintage camera parts for me. I'm imagining that there should be a service out there, but several hours on the web hasn't turned up much except for eMachineShop.

    BTW I did find CNC for motorcycle parts (see below).




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    I should say that the service would ideally take a supplied cad file rather than drawings.


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    Do you have any drawings or photo's of the type of parts that you are after, anything to give us an idea will do for now.

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    OK a dxf and some slightly dodgy jpgs. Of course being vintage, the tolerances are not bothersome +-0.5mm should be fine.

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    1.39 metres ?
    Is this for Jodrell Bank?

    John S -

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    139mm x 4mm although I like the sound of 4cm aluminium a lot :)


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