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    This sort of thing https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/16407915329...oaAkzbEALw_wcB

    One of the good point about using belts is that you can change the ratio to get more toque and to reduce resonance using a smaller stepper on the two mills that I converted WM18 I fitted nema 23 3.1Nm

    Fred bstlinear at gmail.com Is highly trusted by many on the forum
    Very interesting handwheels those, i supose its whats in those remote control boxes, select axis and spin the wheel to required position. Another topic to read up on.
    Thanks for the email, i sent a brief message through the store " contact seller" but who knows who it goes to.

    Your signature is definately true, every time i read something it leads to something else i didn't know anything about and I sometimes get sidetracked, at my age new topics take a longer time to sink in than 40 years ago. I dont want to spend most of the little time i have left and not have time to build and use the finished article.

    I think i mentioned before that there is a guy in madrid that makes a stand alone black box, arduino based that conects to i think the BoB and gives you control of all axis, speed and direction and a few more gimicks for 100€, to me it looks handy to make parts manually, to you probably an un nesesary gimick. I won't post any links as its all in spanish but i am going to investigate further.

    One thing i am noticing is a large difference in prices depending on where you shop, even for identical items.


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  3. Hi all, sorry this thread is on hold at the moment, spring time I have a lot of work getting my fields ready for planting, potatoes, maiz corn and also I have 2 artic loads of logs to cut and split, also my bees to check to make sure they have space or they will swarm.
    I am still doing a lot of reading and trying to get my head round best motor size, nema 23, 24, or 34. I will be mainly cutting steel and aluminium so for steel lack of speed is not a problem only in non cutting movement.
    I have watched dozens of videos and each person recomends something different or different combinations, most seam to go for nema 23 on x and y and 34 on the Z, although quite a lot go for nema 24 to get higher nm, thats something else, how do you roughly calculate how much nm you need for each axis? The head on this machine is heavy and I intend to add another high speed motor at the side eventually, apart from air and lube cooling, it all ads up.
    Yesterday I got my new 2 ton engine crane so i can move the mill about by myself, a suds/chip tray as on this model it comes with the base and not the mill, and some steel to make a base although i'm not sure of the exact design yet but i needed steel for another job so i got a bit extra as the delivery charges milage not weight and its 60 quid a trip.


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    You will get lots of conflicting information because all but a tiny minority of the people who pop up on YouTube are amateurs who have only ever built one or two machines at best and will recommend the one option they half-blindly wandered into using and managed to get working. Some of the others are simply touting their own or their sponsor's products regardless. There are very few real, independent experts about which is why we value our own beloved JAZZCNC so much!
    Engineering is the art of doing for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

  5. Totally agree, I will probably be proud of mine once its done too, Yes JAZZCNC is a very knowledgeable person and I'm in contact with him, unfortunately he says he has never done a milling machine conversion like mine, even so his knowledge on motors, drivers, and all the rest is invaluable to someone like me(and many others)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kered View Post
    , Yes JAZZCNC is a very knowledgeable person and I'm in contact with him, unfortunately he says he has never done a milling machine conversion, even so his knowledge on motors, drivers, and all the rest is invaluable to someone like me(and many others)
    No no I said I've never done one of those(bf28) milling machines before, I've converted or retro-fitted plenty of others like Denfords, Bridgeports, Boxfords, Sieg etc and cuts lots of parts for folks converting them as well, esp the Sieg and small warco's.
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

  7. My apologies JAZZCNC, A miss understanding, I know you had done milling machines as you explained about bridgeport mills, i will refrase it if i can. Not sure if I put it in my PM but its the same as a Warco wm16b too, there are numerous companies using the same moldes, must be a very popular machine.
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