Hi all,

I'm new to all things cnc but have always wanted a cnc plasma cutter so I decided to build one. It's only a X and Y axis machine very simple in design running a USB6560AXIS4 board with usb cnc software all of which is working well but my issue is my plasma cutter. I didn't do enough research and have only just found out it's very hard to get a hf start plasma cutter to work with cnc equipment. As soon as the plasma cutter fires up it plays havoc with the laptop and stops the gcode.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make some sort of faraday box around the plasma cutter to stop the hf or is it also coming from the torch?

Now I still haven't finished my machine and the board and power supply aren't enclosed and are just on a work bench next to my plasma cutter (I know this doesn't help). I have used shield cable to my stepper motors luckily. My plan for the board and power supply are to put them in a metal box to try shield them also adding ferrite bead to the cables entering the enclosure.

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