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    There is a site in the usa called http://www.buildyourcnc.com which sells some parts. With the great exchange rate I got four lovejoy couplers for around 5.50 each delivered. He has a selection of shaft sizes.

    The site is also a great resource as it has videos outlining the building process.

  2. Yea i'v been looking at that site last few days, i can get some alittle cheaper. Also thinking about making my own now. The vids are a nice touch tho his methods of doing things are a bit loose if you know what i mean. Clamping stuff, drill strate holes and so on, nice guy tho !

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    Where can you get couplers cheaper. ive looked everywhere for similar to the Lovejoy couplers hes selling and the cheapest is 11 each before shipping.

    What I did get from his site is the use of cross dowels with mdf. Ive never been able to join mdf successfully until I used cross dowels.

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    Try RS Components the prices there are not bad and you can purchase as per your needs. Like one side 7mm the other 10mm

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kip
    Lovejoy are imho...crapola. I have 2 of their products and they are like jelly. Are we talking oranges and apples...maybe....Mine are 2 forks on the coupling and four lobes on the sandwiched coupling....rubber on the one's I have is too soft...Hydraulic hose seems attractive by comparison.
    Thanks for the heads up on the lovejoys, i was going to get some but now you have said that i'm going for some of the Oldham Couplings, MD sells them on the bay: Link ebay.co.uk.........

    Thanks for the other links, on the other post. didnt even think to try searching ebay in other countries.

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