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    Hi all, Newbie here!
    I have a company that makes interesting stuff for events and brand activations.
    I've started researching CNC machines and want to dive right in with a decent purchase and learn on the job. I want a 3 axis 10'x5' bed machine with auto tool change. I've spoken to Opus about the Pegasus 1530 ATC and had a (lengthy!) whatsapp chat with Blue Elephant in china about the ELE 1530 (they got quite pushy). Also talking to MANTECH about the apollo 1530. These all look very similar....
    Has anyone got and experience with these machines? Could you recommend any other companies I should talk to? I think I'd ideally like to find a UK supplier as I'm concerned about parts and servicing etc.. Thanks

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    I can build you a custom machine exactly to your needs but there's no way I can match the prices they offer in China. What is your budget.?

    I'm actually soon going to be converting an Opus machine (olympus) for a customer. He's happy with the build quality but the electrical isn't so hot and the controller is a DSP so I'm converting it to an Ethernet-based controller. Also fitting a 5.5Kw ATC spindle.
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    Can you PM me through this site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjpltd View Post
    Can you PM me through this site?
    Welcome to the forum

    You might need another couple of posts to do that. But this one should help.
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