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    Gsuite V1.2

    I have posted about this before but I added some more programs so here is an update.

    Gsuite is a set of free gcode tools, mostly for PCB engraving. The source is provided with no license. Use it as you wish.

    Here is a summary of the content:

    I added some more programs. Here is an update.

    Edit: v1.4 added:

    Gflat v1.0 – Creates a milling pattern to flat the bed of the milling machine. It can generate both a conventional milling or climb milling path.

    Gopt 1.0 – Optimizes both drilling and milling paths. Tool changes are supported as well. This program is completely new and has different logic then existing optimization programs.

    Gpath v1.1– Removes close parallel tracks. This leaves only one track to be milled between pads which increases track quality. Handy for engraving fine pitch SMD IC's.

    Gskew v1.2– Compensates for skew or un-squareness in the milling machine. With some tweaking, the drill holes in the via's and pads can be aligned exactly. Handy for double sided PCB's.

    Gtime v1.1– Calculates the time it takes to finish the milling job. No more surprises. The job time is accurate to within about 10 minutes for large boards.

    Let me know what you think.
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    New version: 1.3:

    Edit: v1.4:

    Added a new program: Gcoil.

    Gcoil enables you to use your normal CNC milling machine as a coil winder.

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    An old thread I know, but just wanted to give the heads up that gcoil is fantastic - many thanks to Tjeerd for sharing (I can now retiure my ugle Excel macro methoid of generating gcode info for coils!)

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    Hi. The link to gsuite not working.

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    Good morning, I need the Gsuite program but the link is down and I can't find it anywhere.
    Do you have an app to send to me? My email is: rsenas@gmail.com.

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    Hello dear schouten_tjeerd, the link he shared is giving an error. I cannot download it. Please help me.

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    Good morning, in internet searches and nothing to find but in the thingiverse a user had the file and sent it to me. so as in this group they don't have and have people who want the file, I'll pass it on and whoever has it in their hands to relay it to others who want in other groups. Hugs.

    Link in Mega:


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