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    Hi all,

    I'm new on the forum and new to CNC.

    I have watched countless videos in YouTube but not really found the answer I need.

    I joined this forum and searched "3018" and, while again finding useful information, I cannot find the details I need.

    basically I need to know if one of the cheap chinese 3018 machines would have the accuracy to cut out the holes and do the engraving on my flight simulator cockpit panels? What do people think?


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    The material would be 3mm Perspex. for engraving the text, the panel would first be painted then engraved. (EDIT: Panel is approx 150 x 50mm.)
    I realise the corners of the holes would be radiused, not square.

    Advice please, would a cheap 3018 from China (or elsewhere), be up to it?

    I've been looking at this one which seems to be available reaonably quickly.


    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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