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    This is the plot cut software he is using
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  2. Re: CNC-gesteuerte Heißdrahtschneidemaschine

    I had looked at that hanging hotwire system before. Looks awsome for a basic limitted space occassional home use.
    I downloaded the English version. May have to have a play with it down the track. For now I will concentrate on the basics of Mach3/Profili2 standard hotwire CNC machine.

    If anyone has some experience with the English version, love some insight into your experience with it.

  3. Over the last few weeks I have had a number of people contact me via PM's asking me questions regarding the TB6560 boards.

    One that keeps being asked is the lack of performance (speed) when using microstepping.

    I have so far been unable to answer this one.

    I had some free time today, so I decided to test my board with microstepping, and guess what I have the same lack of performance (speed).

    I scoped the input step signal from the computer, and the step signal to the TB6560 chip.

    The step pulses (0-5KHz) from the pc can be seen without a problem.

    But there is something strange with the step pulses from the opti to the TB6560.

    I was expecting to see a 0-5v square wave, or at least something close to it.

    But it's more a 0-5v pulse then ramps back to ground.

    The faster the step pulse the more the ground moves away, and at around 4.8KHz the ground is so high that the TB6560 can no longer see the step pulses.

    Blue scope trace is the input to the board, and the red scope trace is the step input at the TB6560 Chip.

    Following the traces on the PCB this is what I have come up with for the Schematic.

    Looking at the datasheet for the TB6560 says that it is good for upto 15Khz.
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    This link was posted in a other forum. Maybe its a solution??
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    after i did not get response from cnczone i´ll try my first port here:

    first problem first post:

    I got the board from ebay (seller prettyworthshop)....

    I connected the board to power supply with was included. The boards gets 24V - i measured that with a meter.

    I connected the board to computer (LPT is set to ECP). I set all the MACH 3 parameters according to the manual (Signal in, Signal out, Motor....)

    On the board itself we have 3 LEDS for which show when signal is available for axis movment. If i press cursor in MACH the middle LED (Y) glows only a bit. Above the 3 LEDS there are two LEDS and the right one is on all the time when i connect the parallel cable with the board. When is disconnect, the LED goes out.

    The fan is not turning. Motor is connected but not moving...

    I don´t know whats the problem. Can somebody help me ?

    I hope to get this first problem soved with your help.

    By the way - i built the MDF CNC Machine from buidyourcncDOTcom. I want to use tha machine for milling panels for my DIY 737-800 Homecockpit...

    Cheers from Wuerzburg Germany


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    It sounds a bit worrying that the fan is not working and would suggest that is sorted first as these boards require sufficient cooling. The LED's to blink and be on is common as some of the pins are live on the port (note do not plug in or out the cable when switched on). I have the older version of this type of board and it does the same thing whilst booting the PC. How many axis does your board support?
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    - so input voltage of 24 V is ok ?
    - should the fan start o turn in the moment the board is connected to power supply ?
    - i have 3 axis board...

    Thanks for any input...


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    Yes the fan should start up straight away so check the 12v supply and wires to the fan. The recommendation of many is to not go beyond 24v so that is fine. Can you supply the details of your steppers and how you have them wired as this will help in diagnosis. List the connections you have made and any config settings in Mach3 would help also. I am afraid i use EMC2 so can not run through the config of Mach3 with you but i am sure somebody else here can validate that for you
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    ok, thanks Y/Z Axis working. X not working. I figured out that i have permanent -0.22V out of PIN 1 (X-step). While for Y and Z i have 0 V and -0,02V when axis is moved. So does anybody knows why i have these -0.22V permanent output ? The DIR PIN for X axis is working - so only the PIN 1 is the problem. I checked in mach, an no other functions are related to PIN 1.

    Thanks for any input - step by step t will work someday..

    Regards from Germany

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    Check this site and confirm you are all wired up the same way with your steppers post the configuration you have in Mach3.
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