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    Could some one please recommend a fairly accurate mechanical edge finer that I can buy in UK? I have used the cheap ones which I bought from Aliexpress, but they are not accurate enough it seems.

    Also, I like to get some recommendations for 100mm (or similar) sized vise. I have used one of these but it lifts the work piece when tightened.

    Would these ones be any better as they have a 45 degree angle in the tightening screw?

    Please note that this is for hobby/home use so very expensive equipment will not work for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suspension View Post
    Could some one please recommend a fairly accurate mechanical edge finer that I can buy in UK? I have used the cheap ones which I bought from Aliexpress, but they are not accurate enough it seems.

    Please note that this is for hobby/home use so very expensive equipment will not work for me.
    And therein lies your problem.!! . . . . you get what you pay for. Quality cost's money and I've found it's better to just lube up and take the pain because it's cheaper and less frustrating long term.

    Try Cutwell tools for quality vise's, cheap vises are just expensive future paperweights.!!
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    You might have noticed that no self-respecting Youtube Workshop Warrior in the US feels able to approach a machine tool that isn't equipped with the obligatory Kurt vise - or two would be even better. However, the real benefit of the Kurt vise and its myriad copies is the "angle lock" feature that pulls the jaws down as they are clamped. The tighter you make it, the more the jaws are pulled down. There are loads of indifferent copies out there and I bought one of those Chinesium versions a few years back. The angle lock part itself turned out to be barely functional, as the tolerances were so far out. I ended up remachining that bit but of course that's basically ladling lipstick on a pig.

    If you can get a half decent angle lock type vise without having to cough up the full price of a new Kurt (best part of a grand), you can find a workable half way house. I got a 6" version from Arc Euro Trade last year and it's been fairly well made. Ketan's done a decent job of quality controlling his Chinese supplier there.
    https://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catal...-Milling-Vices They also do a 4" version I see - and the price isn't bad. Shipping a POS lump of scrap cast iron from AliExpress over to the UK is an expensive business, which doesn't leave much for the "vise" itself..

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    I used the 100mm Arc Euro Trade Vice on a small mill and it was very good for the price.

    As for edge finder, I bought one of these when doing my apprenticeship twenty years, I still have it and is is accurate, although it has been mostly replaced with a haimer probe.


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    I prefer this sort of edge finder, although I must admit I've not tried the "wobbler" sort jamesgates1000 mentions. I'm starting to sound like a shill for Arc Euro but Cromwell don't seem to sell them and this came to hand. https://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catal...l-Edge-Finders

    Forget where I got mine but it's 10mm shank and 4mmm tip, looking like their "Type C".

    Have to admit I didn't know how to use it until I found one of these dummy guides on YT. Then it started to make sense and I realised how sensitive some of these tools can be.

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    Any non angle lock vice will nearly always cause stock to lift, as the moving jaw will lift up when tightening.

    If it's a high enough bit of stock, put a bit round bar between the moving jaw and the work piece, snug it up, then give the material a tap down with a hammer (ideally made from something softer than the material you're hitting, unless you're not worried about leaving marks) to make sure the materials seated against the base.

    But as per Jazz's post, I love my Gerardi vice from Cutwel, but they're probably a touch expensive (even when on offer!) for hobby use.
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    I have 2 mecanical edge finders from aliexpress and are accurate, as accurate and as repeatable as my dro but it depends on how you use them, you need to be very delicate with your last few movements. If you want the best a Haimer will do, i wish

    I have an arctrade anglelock 125mm vise https://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catal...th-swivel-base no complaints up till now other than the swivel bit i don't use, its not a kurt but it works for what i have needed till now. The same vice is sold by many under different names, the other vice linked from arctrade are also good as a friend has one.
    A kurt vice on one of the cheap chineesium milling machine is overkill in my mind as the mill is not rock solid and you won't be able to use the tolerences due to movement in the rest of the mill.
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    I am refering to this:


    Could you please provide me a link to a video or tutorial which has instructions on how to use this properly? In my case amount of movement required to make the tip move to side is from centered position is fairly high.

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    covered by other post
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    been looking for a precision vice too, i started a thread on it and soon will be making a decision.

    Im torn between these 2, not sure if they are helpful to you -


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