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    Pretty sure I registered on here a couple of years back,but life got in the way
    I am a cnc machinist based in East Sussex. Am self employed and have a cnc lathe and a vmc. Decided to have a dabble in homebuilt cnc. Going to build a wire edm machine using a Baxedm generator and dynomotion k flop controller if I can find one. Anybody with a surplus Kflop?

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    Welcome. I think I’ve only seen one other DIY wire EDM so would be an interesting project.
    I think there are some Kflop users on here but they will have to let you know if they want to part with them!
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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