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    Hi, I have a problem which I hope someone can help me with. I had to move my cnc machine, after the move one of the axis stopped working. I replaced the aircraft connector, but still know joy. I replaced the stepper driver for a DM860A unit, still no joy. But now instead of having all green lights on the drivers, I now have the following. Two green leds, and the new driver a flashing red led. There is no drive from the DM860A. If I swap out the output block from a working driver, I still get know drive and the original working driver stops working also. I have rad that a flashing led means over voltage or over current. But I have know idea how to fault find this. Can anyone please help. Thanks

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    Ok well it depends on the manufacturer to what the lights mean and there are so many copies of the DM drives it's hard to know. The original Lead shine DM drives use 3s time periods. So if red light flashes 1 x in 3s=over current protection. 2 x in 3s = Over voltage protection. 4 x in 3s= phase error (wired wrong)

    So count the muber of flashes in that tme period. Also post some good pics of how you have it wired.
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    Have you used a multimeter to check the wires?

    Check the resistance between pairs of wires.

    Depends on how many wires your steppers have as to what exactly you should see.

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