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    With care, it seems that you can use woodworking power tools for aluminium. Certainly folks on this forum have used handheld routers to work Al. I've used my workworking bandsaw for Al as well - was a bit worried at first but take it easy with a suitable blade and it works OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neale View Post
    Axminster stock ready-made blades that would fit - e.g. these
    Axminsters best 10 tpi blade would not be great for aluminium.
    Mine is 18 tpi , but would have preferred 24.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddy View Post
    Don't woodworking bandsaws run too fast for metal?... there was one model, that I completely forget, that had a 1/2 speed gearing that a number of metal workers did recommend. Mind you - if it works for you then go for it - the throat on a 6x4 is very limiting for sheet/plate work.
    The old Sealey is intended for both and has speed change pulleys . Works superbly on 3,5, 6, and 8 mm plate . Havent tried on 10 yet but I would tend to buy that as slab and use the 6x4 for that.
    Has anyone found it puzzling how to get the teeth to cut downward on some saws

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    I've got one of these primarily for wood but I have cut 12mm aluminium with it using the ordinary wood blade and was happy with the results. A dedicated metal blade would obviously be better and it does have pulleys for two speeds.

    Obviously this particular machine would incur significant delivery costs for you but there must be a Pommie equivalent available.

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    Mine has actually cut chinese glass scales down to size
    (but that probably would not be covered by the instructions)

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    I have a Proxxon bandsaw that I use for model engineering. I do not use aluminium but I have used the Proxxon to cut 1/2" brass and mild steel flat bar. I have the blades made locally with 14TPI but the company would make them with any standard number of teeth. I use bimetal blades.

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    I bought an old 14" Startrite for 130, it has 5 pulley speeds and a two speed gearbox, so 10 in total. It's a heavy thing which pays when cutting aluminium and steel. I've re-sawn ash and oak up to 11" thick, very slowly.

    Only downside is that it needs an inverter as it's 3 phase.

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