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  1. Selling this large Churchill precision lathe.
    It was a project of mine to retrofit with more up to date motors, drivers and controls. Given up because i don't have the time.
    Comes with the original servo motors and drivers (Removed) and the spindle motor driver is still fitted and working.
    Was working prior to stripping.
    Due to the size, this machine and will require picking up by a machine moving company, and you will need to arrange this.
    If you requre any more pictures or infomation, please contact me.

    I have it up on ebay with a starting price of 200 with no reserve.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. I have reduced the starting price to 100 and need this gone asap.
    If it does not sell i will need to scrap it, and this will be such a shame because its a good sized lathe that would fit nicely in someone's spare bedroom.

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