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  1. I've got an old Sigma II SGDS-02A05A 200W servo drive and hopefully matching 200W servo motor SGMAH-02A1A4C. I'm buggered if I can get the thing to come out of base block, so it's little more than a brick.

    The manual for the drive doesn't give much away and the SigmaWin+ software is equally cryptic.

    The "bare minimum" setup instructions for testing in jog mode get me to the point where it displays "Jog" on the display but I should be able to get it out of base block by pressing the mode button. It refuses to do so.

    The motor has an absolute encoder which requires a battery to keep the encoder awake. I might be forced to connect something up to the battery terminals, although the s/w claims the encoder setup was completed and it shows a position coming from the encoder. There's no mention of needing an encoder battery to jog the motor at this point.

    Anyone any experience of these drives have an idea what I might be missing?

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    Might be a daft question but does it have an electric brake on it?


  3. Yes it does. Unlike the later ones, I found it's a 24V brake, not a 110Vac one (ahem!). I've got it powered from a small wall wart so the spindle is free to turn.

    But that's not going to stop it coming out of base block, as it doesn't even know what the brake is doing. Powering the brake turns out to have been a bit optimistic.

    I'm going to supply some volts to the encoder battery connection. Hopefully that is what is preventing operation but it would be handy to see some relevant documentation.

    Base block disables the power stage of the servo, preventing the motor from being energised until certain conditions are met, not least a signal to enable the output. Despite having the manual, seems I'm going to have to experiment to find out.

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