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    I'm needing a large bandsaw to resaw timber to then mill on the cnc. I know these are in demand but there's also lots of workshops not using bandsaws now so possibly someone on this forum has one to shift.

    The bits of wood i'm milling are getting bigger and realised I need a bandsaw with decent throat 400-600mm and height 300-500mm. Single phase preferable. A Minimax S45 or one of the big Centauro's would probably do fine.

    Am based in Glasgow so would need to be palleted up here or van pick up.

    DM me if there's anything you think I should have a look at.

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    If you're not in a rush, sign up to the Sweeney Kincaid auction emails.

    There's been a few joiner company dispersal sales recently, although I've not really paid much attention to them.

    I wouldn't be put off by three phase. 240 to 380V VFDs can be had for a couple hundred pound now.
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    Sweeney Kincaid are local and I get their email updates. TBH I never have any luck with them. I have been the highest bidder on a couple of items only to be told ' they have been sold before the auction ended to one of their regular buyers'?!. Whats the point trying to compete in that scenario. I live in hope though, one of these days..

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