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    Hi Everyone hope you are all well?

    I have joined mycncuk.com hoping to learn more about CNC Routers and the process of creating products using various substrates. My interest in CNC has been quite new and one which has been sparked by looking at some of the popular United States YouTube content on machines like the ShopBot and the Shapeko.

    My initial thoughts are to pin my ears back and listen with an open mind to some of the thoughts of others with more experience. My initial curiosity is what the UK/European equivalent machines are and their costs? I'm looking for a machine that will be versatile and allow carving of 3D model boat hulls so have a proportional gantry height. I certainly would like a machine that has the power to earn it's keep so have been interested in small commercial machines like those from Exel CNC though I know little about their capabilities.

    Also I have started looking at Fusion 360 from the design perspective, though the application seems to need some persistent study to get past the first steep learning curve, it does seem a very capable application. I also very much like the companies commitment to make available the license for hobbyists and start-ups which is refreshing.

    Thank you for accepting me into your community and I hope in future I can give back some of my learning experiences.

    Many Thanks Simon

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    Welcome to the forum Simon!

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    Hi, Simon Welcome from a newer newbie. I have been getting to grips with Fusion 360 whilst being furloughed and have found it very easy to pick up
    and enjoy the tutorials on YouTube.

    Stay safe

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