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    True HSM is supposed to involve some truly frantic speeds and feeds, where the spindle power actually comes down from the normal level, for the same MRR. It's probably also a fire hazard! What sort of numbers and materials are you trying out?

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    I always think HSM isn't really the right term, but it does seem to be what's used to describe trochoidal tool paths.

    Actual cutting speeds aren't really any higher than any other machining methods, as you're still limited by how hard you can push the cutter/machine/workpiece, but it does benefit from high acceleration/rapids, due to the continual direction changes and amount of time the cutter is moving between cuts.

    I personally find it quite therapeutic watching mills use a trochoidal path to mill out big sections, seeing big long flakes of metal come off, instead of the olde going around in circles/squares/lines taking shallow depth cuts.

    I do have a full license for HSMadvisor/FSwizard, and think it's a fantastic program, but I bought mine years ago when you could get 3 full lifetime licenses for $110.
    I do see they've got a new 3 year 3 hp license option for $95, which is probably still a bit much for a hobby user.

    Off course the other option is G-Wizard, but I never really got on with it, and the whole CNC Cookbook marketing nonsense/endless plugs/popups annoy me. Which is a shame, as they did have some good articles buried in amongst the nonsense.
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    I've had very little time to play recently but the most punishing test to date is using a 6mm 2-flute end mill on Tasmanian Oak. Depth of cut 22mm, Stepover 0.25 (1.5mm), speed 1200rpm, feed 2500mm/min.
    One of my main reasons for wanting to use this kind of cutting is for wooden gear wheels. Shallow depths of cut tend to chip the teeth where the grain is tangential to the disc of the wheel. Large depths of cut using the trochoidal plug-in for CamBam fixes thing. No smoke as yet!

    The trocho tool paths are quite mezmerising. I have the 'smooth chords' option set true which gives smoother movements between cuts which reduces jerks and accel/decel delays.
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    What I was referring to was machining at (very) high speeds, rather than trochoidal or adaptive toolpaths. It seems that if you keep winding up the surface speeds way above where we normally work, the input power starts to come down quite noticeably. Very few of our machines would be capable of operating in that region but I wondered if that was what Kitwn was talking about, as he has a router that presumably can operate at high spindle speeds. We seem to be talking surface speeds in the region of 1000m/min https://www.ctemag.com/news/articles...peed-machining

    m_c, as you say, the use of "HSM" is very fuzzy. Companies like Autodesk / HSMWorks merely(!) mean adaptive or trochoidal. Even so, they have been a revelation, particularly when applied to older machines which can now achieve impressive MRRs the manufacturers never would have expected to see.

    I might be wrong but my understanding is that the adaptive clearing algorithm was devised by a couple of guys in Liverpool. They seem to have missed out on the rewards from such a widely adapted and successful concept. https://www.freesteel.co.uk/wpblog/frontpage/

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    I hadn't come across the high surface speed version of 'HSM' only the adaptive clearing of Fusion 360 and the similar looking trochoidal plug-in for CamBam.

    It's the ability to use high depth (that sounds like it should be a contradiction!) of cut that is most appealing, partly because of the gear-cutting issue mentioned above and also because of the increased tool life to be expected. Shorter cutting times are also a bonus as it reduces the time for which I'm producing noise in a residential street.

    My spindle is the ever-popular Huan Yang 2.2KW water-cooled beastie capable of 24000 rpm.

    CamBam users may not be aware of the range of plugins available from the following link. The main site is in French but the plug-ins page is in English. The list of free goodies available is amazing and greatly extends the basic program to include features you would otherwise have to buy other, much more expensive software to obtain. V-Engrave, Arc Text, Text on Polyline and Trochoidal Pocket being just some of the ones I've already used. There is also a very active support community for all the plugins on the relevant forum page.

    Engineering is the art of doing for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

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