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    Not been on here for a long time but I am now trying to convert an old Denford Triac PC & I am having trouble with all 3 axis jogging.
    So it's an old Triac but not connected to original control box. Desktop PC running Windows 7 pro, not connected to internet & all power saving features & updates either off or disabled. UCCNC software with 2017 screenset, UC 400 ETH motion control, original stepper motors, cw5045 drivers, clo-10v breakout board & linear power supply which is kicking out about 43.5 volts.
    Problem is that I am not 100% sure if I have the stepper motor wires round the right way, a+ a- b+ b- for one thing. When I try to jog any axis sometimes it moves & sometimes the dros move but motor does not turn. Seems to be random. Sometimes it jogs + & - fine on each axis but then suddenly one direction on an axis stops working. Normally the + direction

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    With power off and the motors disconnected you can check the pairs of wires that show a resistance. It doesn't matter which you call A and B but when you connect them back up again, if the stepper runs in the wrong direction you just reverse one phase.

    Having said that, I have found that a stepper plays up in the way you describe, it is a poor connection or broken wire. The Y axis on my 3D printer is the only one where a motor travels and I have replaced the cable twice so far because one conductor has fractured within the insulation. The symptom is when the print starts to lean to the right or suddenly has a big step in it, as the stepper movement seems biased in one direction. I have had the same with my CNC Z axis, which only wanted to go up. Again, the axis where the cabling does the most movement.

    Bt you say it is happening on every axis - Hmmmm? unlikely to be 3 sets of bad connections or broken cables, but I would check it out.

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