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  1. ANY information Anyone can provide will be usefull

  2. Yes i time out nomatter what connection method i use, the IT engineer who is running the hoastin is as baffeld as i

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    It's something that I think would need to be diagnosed on your computer. I could talk you through some fairly technical software that analyses TCP packets - that could provide some clues as to why it's not working.

    But, it is fairly technical.

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    Is the IT engineer seeing the requests coming into the web site (i.e. are they being logged)?

  5. It would seem that people on virgin have no problem Just me on BT and in and around swindon

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    I'll just see if a mate of mine who I think is on BT is about (and can have a go)...

  7. The web stats show large usage from most of the world, it is a very local problem, if it were my modem hooked up or somthing i could restart it and fix it, but if i go to my works location 3 miles up the road with a BT connection i still cannot see it

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    He's having no problems with BT in Portsmouth.

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    Do you know your own IP address?

  10. I applogise to MYCNC for aring this out here but i am lost in how to fix it

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