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    A proxy is used as a gateway between machines, and can speed up communications, or allow you access to sites that can be otherwise unavailable.

    However, misconfigured proxies can also block access to sites - but still allow other communication methods to pass (such as FTP).

    It might be worth taking this discussion off the site (it could go on and on) - you should be able to send me an email by clicking on my profile.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by cncezee View Post
    Sorry why would you be supprised not to see it??
    Oh and Thanks for editing it

    If i try to view my own site it times out i have tried several places with differand internet connections but it still times out, my freind 20 miles up the road has no problem accessing iti can ftp it but i cannot see it, it is not fire wall this end as i can see the rest of the world, just not my site, i do not want to movas it is hoasted for free

    Cheers roger

    Where is it hosted? I've seen your site before (when i was researching casting) and not had a problem accessing it before. Has this timeout problem started recently? When you say 'from several places', do you mean on the same ISP?

    Timeouts are often one of the following:

    - most commonly, a DNS problem. From a command prompt, if you do 'nslookup' do you consistently get your IP address returned OK?

    - a reverse routing problem... your request gets to the site but the response doesnt get back to you... If you can FTP to it do you have access to the traffic logs... can you see your own requests getting to it?

  3. Wow, Sorry guys, first i attempted to look at my site and got lost on page 3, now having relised you all had goe on to 4 i was left behind
    Tribles no i am not using a proxy it is purly an internet connection, yes i am happy to end this here and call you if that is ok with you?
    Hi Irvin, if you look atwwwdotfmssltddotcodotuk this is where i am hoasted dots removed the problem seems to have materilised arounf the turn of newyesr when i changed isp from tiscali to bt, sure it may be here but that again points to my equipment, but i get the same prob on other companys equipment too

  4. Hi Irvin2008, how do you do an NS lookup?


  5. Roger,

    Have you tried accessing the other sites they host:

    Do you get the same timeout?

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    I also didn't realise that my posting had spilt onto page 4 (took me a few refreshes to spot it).

    Can you access that Fusion website now?

  7. Anyway guys, this is all very well and i do apreceate all of your help but this is not realy what i need, what i am looking for to do is to complie a low level map of who can and who cannot and where you are, as i have loads of stuff to put on my site when i can see it

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    It's very important: Can you access the fmssltd web site now?

    (Hint: it's the same IP address as yours).

  9. No i cannot see anything from that server

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    Okay - that rules out it being a content problem, and is more of a firewall/proxy/network connectivity problem.

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