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  1. daft thing is that my site strips out his on demand, i am top of hit list

  2. Yes we first thought it was a firwall problem but that does not explain why i cannot see it from work, the only common poit is that we both use BT

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    This isn't the problem, but I have seen an error in your HTML source:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="file:///C|/htmlL%20BITS/style.css">

    The href is actually pointing to a file on your hard drive, rather than a file on your network.

    I suppose it could be a problem if you happened to have a file in "C:\htmlL BITS" called "style.css", and that linked to a non-existant web site. However, I would still expect at least something to come through (such as the page title in the title bar).

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cncezee View Post
    Hi Irvin2008, how do you do an NS lookup?


    start->run->cmd to get a command prompt
    at the command prompt, type "nslookup website",
    e.g. nslookup

    If you dont have nslookup, use the online one at

  5. Hey i am still kicking around the swarf let alone learning html, but thanks i will fixit as soon as i can.
    Well it is strange this as you all can see my site, you all can see the server, but i cannot see either all i get is a message botton left hand side of screen "wating for" and eventually times out with a message botton left, "done"

  6. yes nslookup returns my ip address ok no problems

  7. Quote Originally Posted by cncezee View Post
    yes nslookup returns my ip address ok no problems
    what web browers are you using?

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    Hehe - I know almost nothing about casting (I did make a clamp in metalwork in school a good few years ago - but it did take us two attempts!)

    Without being there, I'm beginning to run out of ideas.

    When you've tried it at the two sites, is it on different computers, or the same one just moved about? (This may have been answered, but I don't recall).

  9. Look i am sorry but i have to go to work tomorrow, if i do not hit the sack i will not be worth a penny.

    Irvine2008 delete this when you feel it has run its course
    Tribbles you have my e-mail address any help you can offer is greatly appreaciated but prehaps off line!!

    Sorry but must crash


  10. Tribbles no diferent computors

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