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    Hi all,

    Stumbled across your forum whilst scouring the internet for suggestions on buying/building a CNC router and thought I'd sign up and see if I might be able to pick your brains !

    I'm based in the UK, East Anglia - Enjoy wood working and looking to get a CNC Router. Beyond that I'm totally stumped on *what* I need, seems to be a lot of copy-cat far-east rubbish available, some fairly expensive too. Second hand ones look like a bit of a minefield if you've no idea what you're looking for/doing *cough*

    I'd rather have something smaller (bed wise) that's more accurate/capable and can hopefully be upgraded in the future if a larger bed is needed. Guess the smallest size I'd be after is 500x500mm up to maybe 750x1000mm (and after a 3 axis, but depth of cut isn't hugely important for my plans ~25mm would do, more would be welcomed.

    So, with that in mind, don't suppose anyone has suggestions on an off the shelf rig and/or links to reading material for a DIY build and where to start? I'm fairly handy, but no welder/experiance... so would end up being bolted etc. (but plenty of tools to cut metal and tap etc)

    Thanks for reading and any thoughts, hope everyone is keeping well in lockdown!



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    hi Sean. I would start by having a look at the build logs, specifically the ones with aluminium profile builds. These are usually bolt together builds with no welding so would be right up your street.

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