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  1. Unfortunately due to the COVID crisis and a number of other problems over the last few years, we have no choice but to close down Zapp Automation.
    I will be moving on to other things that i will post about later on.
    So for anything in stock, that we have and you need, you can make an offer for it and we will consider the offer.
    Please note that we can't offer any machining or anything that needs to be cut.

  2. Also if you are local, you can also visit, and see what you need.
    We have a lot of things that we are scrapping, like off cuts of rack, Ballscrew, profiled rails and TBR/SFC.
    We also have a large lathe we will be scrapping.

  3. its best to email us directly if you want to make an offer for something, becase i dont get notificatiosn from this site.

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    I am sorry to hear that, it is of no comfort, but, I have had to do the same with my business after 41 years due to Covid
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    That's bollox !! Sorry to hear that Gary

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    Its a sad day Gary hope you get through it.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Very sorry to hear that Gary, you've always seemed to stock quality gear and made useful contributions to this forum.

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    Gutted to hear that Gary, wish you well in whatever it is your moving onto, you'll bounce back mate..
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

    Email: dean@jazzcnc.co.uk

    Web site: www.jazzcnc.co.uk

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    Hello Gary

    Sorry to hear you are having to close. We have been buying SY35ST28-0504A and SY35ST28-0504B High Torque Hybrid Stepper Motors from you recently and I have an immediate requirement for 3 more, either A or B version. Do you have any stock? If you do then I would be interested in a few more if you have them?

    You have my email address I think from previous orders - please do get back to me at that address. If you don't have it to hand then I would prefer you use sjb @ kore. co. uk (n spaces) to contact me

    All the best

    Kore Technology

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    Gary is selling the SY35ST28-0504B via his ebay shop

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