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    Having problems uploading pictures any idea why?
    Can I email them

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    Would it make life easier if added a second motor and ball screw to the X axis

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    You have to have made 10 posts to the forum before you can upload pictures but you're past that already. You may also have to reduce the file size. I generally reduce pictures to about 800 pixels wide for this purpose.

    Re a second ballscrew: I've never used a machine with only one so can't really say how significant the performance difference is. Only you can decide if you want to spend the extra cash and the time waiting for it to arrive or whether to build the best machine you can with what you already have. You still have more parts to buy anyway and a design that allows for a future upgrade is not impossible with some thought.

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    Hi I will try again with the picturesClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi do you think I can use this or should I sell it

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigal999 View Post
    Hi do you think I can use this or should I sell it
    You can waste an enormous amount of time trying to re-purpose things that were never designed for the job you have in mind. I've tried that myself and you often end up wasting money as well. Others on the forum may have a better idea of the usefulness or resale value of that specific item.

    You already have 3 ballscrews, I would suggest you focus on designing a machine that uses those and the other materials you have available.

    An optimist says the glass is half full, a pessimist says the glass is half empty, an engineer says you're using the wrong sized glass.

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    Hi kit what are the advantages and disadvantages of
    Connecting the motor straight to the ball screws and using a timing belt between them other than reduceing the speed.

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    With 5mm pitch screws you'd be looking at increasing the speed of the screw to get a higher linear speed from a given motor rpm, though I doubt you'd be too worried about that on a machine of the size you're looking at. If you want to cut aluminium then keeping to a 1:1 ratio for more torque but less speed would probably be the advice of the experts.

    Direct drive is simpler and a bit cheaper but makes the overall machine length a good 200mm or more longer than the screw. Belt drive allows you to change the drive ratio as described above and to tuck the motor under the frame for a shorter overall length. You'd probably want to go for a belt drive on the gantry anyway rather than have a sticking-out motor flailing about the place but it's not compulsory. I have direct drive on the long (X) axis and vertical (Z) axis motors and a belt on the gantry (Y) axis motor.

    An optimist says the glass is half full, a pessimist says the glass is half empty, an engineer says you're using the wrong sized glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigal999 View Post
    Hi jazzcnc as i said before it my 65th birthday in a couple of weeks so I will have more cash available do you think £200 to 300 will be enough to build the X,y and z axis withe the bits I already have.
    Sorry for the delay with reply Albert I've been a little busy.

    I would say with careful buying and little scrounging that you could build a moving frame with £300 given the parts you already have. Obviously that doesn't cover the electronics because while you have motors and drives there are still other things like PSU's and relays, contactors, Fuses, etc which soon mount up.

    Regards the design then I would go with a design something like what Kit suggested as it's a simple and proven design for a 3 axis machine for cutting woods and very light aluminum work.
    To keep the costs down you don't need to use Aluminium for the ends and could use the profile you have already with feet to raise it up so you have clearance for gantry cross brace.
    With this design and size, you will get away with a single screw, I've built dozens of machines that are similar size and design that used single screw without any issues.

    Regards the Linear stage then I would sell it and build a stronger Z-axis. The unsupported rails are rubbish for a router but would be perfect for plasma so I would stick them on ebay and aim them at plasma builders by mentioning plasma in the description.

    Hope this helps.
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