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    Just an update on how things are going and lessons learnt.
    Working on y axis at the moment as all my 15mm aluminium has arrived. I will post some pictures later today.
    Lesson learnt
    1. Don't buy cheap machine taps as how ever carfull you are they will snap off in hole in my case the first hole. I have tapped hundreds of holes by hand. Never broken a tap first try with cordless drill with clutch set to low and tap broke level with surface of aluminium.
    Will try today to remove it. Any ideas I can try.
    2. When planning z axis do not forget that hanging below the z axis is the bottom of your spindle motor and your cutting tool. This will further reduce z axis clearance. Don't ask how I know but it caused a problem till a little bit of lateral thinking go it sorted.
    3. No matter how long you plan to take with your build. It will take longer than you think if you get it done right.
    4. measure lots of times then think about it and then measure again before picking up the center punch.
    5. Remember you will have a left and right side so take care you don't mark out 2 parts for the same side. Just remembered before I used the center punch.
    6. Plan a budget then increase that budget by at least 50% and you might be somewhere close.
    7. Taking very slow steps and walk away after each piece for a few minutes before starting the next one. This will allow you to get the new piece sorted in your head before you start it.
    8. Don't rush it as this only results in failure and more pressure on your self go slow and enjoy it. There is always tomorrow hopefully.
    9. Plan lots of time to clean up and put tools where you can find them. You will gets lots of swarf more than you can imagine. It will get everywhere and trying to find bits in it is not fun. Also make sure you are swarf free before going into the house. Unless you like a very unhappy partner.
    More to come later today

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    Hi Albert
    Sorry to hear about the broken tap, make up a solution of Alum and water then make a dam around the hole and fill it with the Alum solution, this will disolve the tap.
    Good luck

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    Hi Mike Alum is ordered but as the bit with the broken tap is 600mmx150mmx15mm. This might prove a problem as the alum has to be kept hot.
    Will a cold mixture work but just slower?
    Any other ideas tried to tap around with punch not working

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    Cold mix will work but as you said just take longer, warm the job as best you can, just let it work and see if you can find a tap extractor or make something to go down the flutes and try to screw it out, just give the Alum time to work and get on with something else, always perfect your technique before working on your project, i would be doing this by hand with the use of a jig to make sure everything is square.
    Good luck

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    Hi all
    Here are a few progress pictures to show what I have done so far.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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  8. If you don't have a tap extractor make one. I have removed brocken taps by using a length of steel tube just slightly under the hole size, in one end make a cross slot with an angle grinder, giving you in effect a 4 prong fork like tube, long enough to go through the material and stick out the other side if posible. pass the tool through the hole with a prong down each space in the tap and on the other end put a hose clip to keep the prongs together at least till it starts moving, then just twist it out gripping with pipe grips or whatever you have. If its a 3 sided tap just make 3 slots instead of 4. easier again if you have a lathe you can drill out the tube and make it fit better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigal999 View Post
    Hi my name is Albert I am starting to build a CNC router hopefully.
    Firstly I will outline my good and bad points about myself. This is not to get you to help me just so you know my limitations.
    I have been a multi skilled engineer since I left school I am 65 in a couple of weeks.
    I have built machine’s from plans a few times so can understand and follow drawings.
    I have a reasonable selections of tools that I am competent in using.
    Since an event in my life 10 years ago I have been unable to work as this event left me with severe mental health problems.
    1. Very bad depression. I have been trough some very dark times. This project I just one more step to my recovery which happening but very slowly. I have good days and bad days when on a bad day can do nothing at all
    2. Anxiety I worry about everything.
    3. OCD which in my case means everything has to be done right.
    4. I am awaiting 2 knee replacements trying to put them off till I build the CNC router learning to use it will keep me sane while I recover.
    My specifications for the machine.
    1. To take up an area 100cm X 60cm
    2. To be able to be used to cut hardwood and soft metals
    3. To be as low cost as possible.
    4. To be as exact as possible as I intend to do veneer and inlay work on it.
    5. To have the machine finished by beginning of next year.
    Materials I have already
    3 NEMA 24 stepper motors 8 wire 3.4 NM
    3 1605 ball screws with anti backlash nuts in the following sizes 1000mm 600mm & 300mm
    20mm supported guide rails in the above sized with 12 Bock’s to fit them
    Some 40x80mm aluminium profile
    Some 10mm plate off cuts
    Need help right from design stage so confused by all the different types out there.
    The building is part of my therapy to give me back some self esteem and belief in mAny help is welcome but please try not to leave any comments to negative as I take them on-board an they have a very negative effect on my mood.
    I will try to keep this build log as detailed as possible to help and encourage others who have given up.
    Thank you
    I'm new here but I went through 3 of those life changing events in the last 7 years. No one understands what PTSD is really like. The best way I can describe mine is like taking a punch in the stomach every morning for the first 10 minutes. Just do it your own way! I found I had to do things to stay sane. I built a catapult, took Krav Maga classes, making leather goods, doing woodwork and I started collecting old war guns everything from WW1 to Vietnam and everything from bolt to sub and I'm now a proficient gunsmith and decent marksmen with everything from a Bren to a Jap99. It doesn't get any better - you just play the hand you were dealt. It is a good day for me if I still have all my fingers at the end of the day and every once in a while I actually win a shooting competition. John

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