Hi my name is Albert I am starting to build a CNC router hopefully.
Firstly I will outline my good and bad points about myself. This is not to get you to help me just so you know my limitations.
I have been a multi skilled engineer since I left school I am 65 in a couple of weeks.
I have built machine’s from plans a few times so can understand and follow drawings.
I have a reasonable selections of tools that I am competent in using.
Since an event in my life 10 years ago I have been unable to work as this event left me with severe mental health problems.
1. Very bad depression. I have been trough some very dark times. This project I just one more step to my recovery which happening but very slowly. I have good days and bad days when on a bad day can do nothing at all
2. Anxiety I worry about everything.
3. OCD which in my case means everything has to be done right.
4. I am awaiting 2 knee replacements trying to put them off till I build the CNC router learning to use it will keep me sane while I recover.
My specifications for the machine.
1. To take up an area 100cm X 60cm
2. To be able to be used to cut hardwood and soft metals
3. To be as low cost as possible.
4. To be as exact as possible as I intend to do veneer and inlay work on it.
5. To have the machine finished by beginning of next year.
Materials I have already
3 NEMA 24 stepper motors 8 wire 3.4 NM
3 1605 ball screws with anti backlash nuts in the following sizes 1000mm 600mm & 300mm
20mm supported guide rails in the above sized with 12 Bock’s to fit them
Some 40x80mm aluminium profile
Some 10mm plate off cuts
Need help right from design stage so confused by all the different types out there.
The building is part of my therapy to give me back some self esteem and belief in mAny help is welcome but please try not to leave any comments to negative as I take them on-board an they have a very negative effect on my mood.
I will try to keep this build log as detailed as possible to help and encourage others who have given up.
Thank you