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    Looking for recommendations for new drivers & motors for a triac conversion. Nema34 & the y axis will be limited to a body length of 100mm. Existing motors are 3/8 shaft as well so not sure how easy it would be to change that if new motors were different

  2. If the existing motors are fine, I'd just fit new drivers.

    The motors aren't high performance compared with modern steppers, but unless you're trying to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the machine, there's not really any benefit to changing them. Even if you were trying to push maximum performance, the spindle is the far bigger limiting factor.
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    Thanks for the reply, I was going to use the original motors but I am not sure they are OK, had another thread where I was having problems with them not controlling properly, sometimes they would change direction sometimes they would not. Hooked up a couple of nema 23 motors so everything was the same except for the motors & the nema 23's ran perfectly.
    I rebuilt a Gerber system 48 a few years ago & had exactly the same problem with one of the original motors on that, turned out to be the magnets breaking down which apparently can happen with the old slo syn stepper motors, I don't have a lot of cash so using as much of the original machine as possible works for me. If I have to spend money then I would rather do it properly rather than on the cheap & have to do it again in the future. If that means it takes longer because I need to save for bits then I am ok with that. I know you have done some of these so what would be your recommendation about the spindle as I need to sort that as well so it runs lol.

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