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    Hi i'm looking for a basic cnc router for my shed. Complete machine or full kits, new or used under 1000. Thanks

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    How big is your shed?How big are he intended projects?How thick will the mdf be?How long are you willing to wait for the parts to be machined?
    There are tiny machines on ebay for a couple of hundred-but they won't have the power to do much more than tickle the surface.Or you can get lucky and find an older industrial machine with an old controller within your budget.There are also some fairly flimsy and poorly engineered kits for beginners that might struggle to produce much.Do you have the CAD/CAM software to generate the programs?

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    Shed isn't that big. I'm looking at a workbee/lead CNC 1000 x 1000mm. Or maybe a 6040 off eBay. Mostly cutting 18mm ply.

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    I have a workbee 1000x1000 for sale soon, comes with a makita router. PM if interested.

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    The way it's going I may well my 6040s just fitted micro switches on all 3axis but can't get to grips with mach3 so the machine is about 4years old and I haven't managed to use it properly yet.

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