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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddy View Post
    Of interest - your old CP0-10V - you said that didn't last long. What happened to it?, how did it fail? And do you still have it? There's limited interest in a dead board but it's an expensive board to replace - if you wanted me to have a quick look to see if there's anything repairable on the board I could take a look for you if you cover postage.
    Would be quite happy to send for your inspection doddy. PM your contact details . Basically one day it stopped responding to a power supply .Led no longer came on

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngoodrich View Post
    i have one of those cheap ebay ones in your link and that does exactly what you want. i have it linked to my uc300eth and it turns the spindle on and off and also controls the speed through mach
    I am sure I can handle the lack of charge pump. I may order a couple of the cheap chinese ones .
    Do none of the cheap ones have a charge pump facility.

    It isnt the cost off the CP1-10V which hurts , It is the cost of postage , plus vat which leaves little change from 80
    Then you dont know if you are being taken for a ride , and the support can be a bit abrupt if you ask any questions rather than accepting what you are told blindly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John11668 View Post
    Right so what is the difference between this

    And this

    Apart from having to wait a couple of weeks that is
    About 40. With it you do need a 12-24V power supply + a 5V one as well although you can power the 5 volts from a usb but personally I don't do that.

    I have used plenty of them without trouble
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Okay - bit of info about the CP0-10V board. John was kind enough to post this to me to eyeball.

    The power-supply stage is a LM2576HV-12 device, designed to take a DC supply from 14-60V to provide a switched-mode regulated board supply of 12V for the analogue subsystem. A local linear 7805 provides machine-side logic supply, and an isolated DC-DC convertor provides a PC/Parallel interface supply. This last bit is kind of interesting and intended to isolate the ground from PC to machine. There's no substantial filtering.

    John's board - it is the LM2576HV-12 device that's failed. The device is obsolete - and difficult to source. There's reference on Google to dodgy relabelled devices coming out of China. It is pin compatible with the non-HV variant, or the more modern LM2596, however the latter requires an inductor change on the board.

    View from the bottom of the board,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's another board that requires pin 18 and pin 25 of the parallel port to be shorted through the parallel port of the connected PC, or controller interface, to power up the PC-side interface. Notionally a safety interlock, it's necessary to be aware of this when integrating a non-PC based controller solution. I hate these - and would chose to hay-wire this to remove the "protection". However - it is what it is.

    The board does provide a charge-pump interface, powered from the board rails. This influences the ENA outputs and relay outputs. Testing with a 12.5kHz source confirms this operation. There's a slide-switch to disable this function if necessary.

    Why did it fail? Hard to guess. The 2576 is a robust design - with overcurrent, over temperature protection. I'm not convinced of any suggestion of user-error - it's more robust than the interfaces presented by the board (they'd burn out before the 2576 is damaged). Handling error ESD during board assembly?, manufacturing fault with the device itself are both possibilities. Voltage spikes presented to the input of the device by a common PSU driving the stepper drivers - that's a possibility, or possibly grey supply chain and illicit device is a distinct possibility. But that's all conjecture. What I can say is the device was as dead as the proverbial parrot.

    So, solution agreed with John was to remove the LM2576HV-12 and short the input/output pads on the board. The board therefore now requires a regulated 12V supply to operate. It's a simple job to replace with low-voltage variants of the 2576, or the pin-compatible 2596, but John's use-case requires a >40V tolerant supply, which these devices do not support.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not a good picture, but shows that the power LED is now on. I've tested all digital outputs to the axis step/dir and ENA pins and relay with/without charge pump. All satisfactory.

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    Nice work Doddy and thanks for your efforts.
    I will get the required power supply, what current rating will cover my needs?
    Should I also have a 24 v supply to cover other potential requirements?

    I dont think that I flashed it or spiked the card but i suspect I would have a tough job convincing CNC4you that it was a simple warranty failure
    But I now know I can get something adequate from the far east for less than 6 inc carriage and vat which realistically is far less than their P & P on a replacement part.
    While initially they were good for support , they now seem to get a bit uppity if you ask further questions so you feel reluctant to approach them.

    Who needs them anyway when the support here is so good.

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