Finding this forum was a huge relief!

My friend and I are looking to start a business in the UK building bespoke kitchens (units/cabinets). I am completely out of industry but he is a great carpenter.

We have just secured a location and have been looking at CNC machines/routers for the last couple of months. There seems to be a real conflict of information and huge variety in costs. I was hoping to get some guidance from all what you would suggest?

Here are our thoughts/some initial questions
- We would ideally like to pay under £15k if possible (are we better get new or used)
- With regards to size we were thinking minimum of 8x4 to be able to load full sheets
- We believe it will need a dust extraction?
- Along with auto tool change?
- Any particular brands or machines you would recommend? General feedback I have read is focus on north American and European machines ...

If there is anything we haven't considered you would suggest or any advice we would love to hear!
Thank you very much.