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    Ross, this is an extremely interesting thread I’m currently looking to do the same, have you made any progress ? do you have any more files for all to ponder over ?

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    Hi Paul. progress has ground to a halt at the mo due to lack of time and the fact that I didnt want to be testing drivers and setting up a new machine at the same time so I bought some. (probably cheaper than building them:heehee:)

    I will definatly be working on them at a latter date as I have a few more machines in the pipeline and it would be a same to waste Tribbles and Irving's time as they have been a great help (umm.... ok designed it for me) . in the the mean time I'd be more than happy to pass all the info over if you want to continue, but remember it is untested and the code for the pic has to written for the idle time current reduction to work.

    Good luck
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    Ross, Many thanks I'll have a look
    By the way what drivers did you go for? I trust they must be at least 4amps.

    Regards Paul

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    They are the PM 542 from Zapp. 4.2amp, optically isolated inputs and microstepping for 35

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    Hello, i am new on this forum and i also build this interface and driver.
    I put the schematic that i use. It is inspired by
    I prefer to work witout PIC because i think that L297 have all to work well.
    About breakout board i do with the same Ic hcpl2630 but i don't undestand why you use after 2630 another Ic.
    I put also my schematic and pcb made in DIP Trace(it is free version).
    I want to make an image and reconfigure my cnc driver.
    Thak you
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    Hi! What code is in this pic 12F683?
    I make dps from Ross77, good and nice job :). Now I need only binary file or c++/asm code for it. Anybody help me with it?

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