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  1. Hi All
    I am hoping that someone can help with my latest problem?
    I purchased in April 2011 a Chinese 3040 CNC router engraver
    it has worked with only a few problems over the years. My problem
    now is that the Spindle motor has died. The original motor has no
    markings but I think it is 200w 0 to 8000rpm and is 57mm diameter.
    The only motor I can find on line with the same diameter is a
    500w air cooled 24v Brushed spindle. My question is can I use that
    one as a replacement?
    The only other option could be to change the mounting bracket for
    a 52mm size and get a motor nearer to the original spec?
    It would be much appreciated for any help or guidance to solve
    this problem.
    Best Regards

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    It may not have any markings but a photo would show what it looks like. Also what connections it has ie 2 or 3 power cables, any sort of encoder etc? And a pic of the motor drive itself would also help. What makes you think it's the motor and not the drive that has gone?

    If the dead machine has 3 phase connections, you won't be able to fit a brushed motor. That should be fairly quick to spot. But there are people here who are familiar with these machines (not me) who may have some useful experience.

  3. Hi Muzzer
    Many thanks for your reply, I have taken the motor apart and what appears to have happened
    is one of the brush container parts (the positive side) has somehow made contact with the
    comutator, you will see from the photo that the motor is without a doubt dead.
    I have also attached a photo of the motor body which measures 178mm long including the
    ER11 tool holder and 57mm diameter it is 200w dc (I think) with a speed range from 0 to 8000rpm.
    It has 2 power cables connected by spade connectors one on each side (positive and negative)
    I have been unable to get a motor matching the above but I would like a slightly better one if at
    all possible? I hope I have attached the pictures correctly.
    Best Regards
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  4. SORRY
    Second Photo attached

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    Lives in Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 9 Hours Ago Has been a member for 4-5 years. Has a total post count of 369. Received thanks 47 times, giving thanks to others 7 times.
    Yes, that looks like a brushed DC motor. Are you convinced that the drive is still OK? If there was a short inside the motor, it may have popped the drive.

    I know nothing about these router machines and motors but perhaps somebody who does will pipe up.

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    Lots of choice on AliExpress.

  7. Hi Cropwell
    I have searched AliExpress but I can not find a replacement motor (57mm Diameter) Most seem
    to be 52mm diameter. If possible I would like to upgrade the motor for something a little more
    powerful and also brushless. Past experience with brushes has left me very with very little faith.
    Electrical systems are impossible for me to understand so do I go from 200w to 300w or 400w
    I have no idea how to do this and what I am letting myself in for?
    I have been trying to get a replacement from the original suppliers in china but as the original
    purchase was over ten years ago through Ebay the transaction ID has long gone.
    I would be very grateful for any help you can give.
    Best Regards

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    Here's a 52mm one with a bracket included


    And - here a whole page of 57mm ones but they incude a bracket anyway


    And - here are the brushless ones


  9. Many thanks for all your help.

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