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    For sale is this mid 70's era Denford TRIAC . The machine itself is in very good condition . It was given to me by a former employer who used it to prototype parts in tool steel . He used a laptop running the Denford software to control the mill , unfortunately that laptop died . My intention was to upgrade the mill using a Centroid Acorn board .

    The listed price includes the milling machine :
    R8 Taper
    Integral Spraymist coolant system
    The mill is powered from a standard 240V mains supply

    Also included is a brand new Centroid Acorn control board which includes
    everything needed to get the board operational . This should make for a very nice upgrade to this sturdy little mill . I have a refurbished pc that I was going to use for this conversion which I will sell for 50 if needed .

    There is a supply of very nice tooling I'll include as well including :
    Coventry easy change R8 tool holder
    A selection of ER easy change collet chucks
    There's an easy change arbor for a face mill or slitting saw etc
    A easy change adapter for a drill chuck or similar (not sure what the taper is)
    There is also a clarkson autolock chuck on the easy change system

    I'm selling this as I simply don't have the time available to complete the conversion , and I have access to CNC machines at my work . I would consider a trade for a manual turret style mill, such as a Chester 836 , Myford vmf (not vmc) , Warco WM20 or 2AF style etc

    Thanks for looking please email with any queries, and for some pictures (I couldn't attach them here for some reason).

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    I'll PM you

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    Now sold! The Acorn board is still available if you're interested

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