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    Hi, I am Elliot, I live in Birmingham, I am a retired engineer and I am new to using forums. I am not sure which forum is the most useful so I apologise if you read this note multiple times. I purchased a very old HLV-H last week and have started the process of getting it to work reliably and with reasonable accuracy. Thanks for a great fund of information. Using this forum and others I now have relevant manuals for operation and maintenance, some wiring diagrams and a parts list, all of which seem useful. Special thanks to Bill Todd who has got me off to a good start. I am currently working on the variable speed drive and the spindle brake. The spring in the spindle brake appears to have broken. The piece I have has one neatly closed end and one broken end. Does anyone know what the correct length and spec are for this spring? Thanks. I look forward to contributing what I learn to this forum.

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    What your machine used for?

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    Hi JAKET, Thanks for getting in touch. I am a model engineer and model flyer. I already have a smaller lathe and milling machine but I couldn't resist buying this machine because of its reputation for accuracy and easy threading method. I had hoped to get on with building a Gauge 1 model steam engine but I now find my next project is refurbishment of this lathe! Regards Elliot

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