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    Hi JJ here,
    Just invested in a cnc router, mainly for wood projects, due Covid taking all our work away at the moment.
    It has Mach 3 software installed, itís not linked to internet as none available at the moment where it is.
    I have managed to get the cnc set up, ie itís on, but not doing anything yet.
    I am looking for someone who can help finish set up with me and get me started with some instruction. Iím happy to pay for their time to do this as I want to get it set up properly and the online tutorials I have looked at are a bit vague or skip over things.
    Is there someone who can help?


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    Good news is you donít need to be on the internet.

    A few photos of the machine and controller would help for background info. It might need the dip switches setting for micro steps, or if they have already been set by the seller then read them off so the later Ďsteps perí value can be worked out.
    Iím away from my machine and it was too long ago to remember all the settings pages in Mach3. These are the little white switches on the motor drivers and could be inside a larger box.

    There are quite a few settings to enter to get it all working. Ports and pins are for the inputs and outputs, steps settings for the motors with accel decel and top speed, plus a few other settings like the kernel speed.

    You sound like you are starting out so one way would be to photograph each screen in Mach 3 and post them here and the collective forum can advise on starter values for each item on each page. Once you are there and it moves you will quickly get the hang of a few key ones to tune the motors how you want them.
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    I've sent you a PM with my numbers.
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