So the boxford TCL is about to be gutted and ans some fresh stepper drivers installed. I will probably pinch the drivers and BOB from my mill, with a view to upgrading that with Hybrid drivers .

Some of you may have seen my earlier project
So this will be the donor for the ongoing TCL project.

It has served well to give me some very basic knowledge of the the CNC field but it was a budget build and I now feel I can move on to something a little more refined. Hopefully with the help of you guys .

I have said before that I felt my next project would be based on this .
I like the idea of a secondary table added so I dont need to make major mods to a classic machine.. So this is the way I intend to go.

I maybe need a bit of advice initially on choosing motors for the job. Is there a calculation . I presume it is required to know the weight of the table and how fast I want to make it go. and what sort of cutting forces do I intent to generate.
It is going to be a hobby machine to play with so quite honestly I can limit my expectations to use reasonably priced kit.

What would you folks be buying to make a table like this move reasonably well?