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    Hello everyone. Thank you for letting me join the group.
    Iím new to CNC and Iím not much of a technical person. Iíve been a Medic for 30 years so Iím now going to stop and do some arty/crafty things that I like doing for some cash. Iím in the process of building a little workshop 14ft x 14ft. Concrete floor, log lap timber. A bit over engineered but at least itís a solid build. Nearly finished. Lined with Kingspan. Just putting a layer of osb inside to cover up the insulation.
    I also bought a big Startrite jointer planer (very very heavy machine - buyers beware) to make boards. Then I have a table and sash clamps to edge joint planks. I want to make intricate cutting boards with Celtic designs etc.
    Iíve been learning Vectric for quite a long time now - over a year using the free version. Also watching YouTube and reading.
    Iím going to have to commit to a CNC at some point. Iíve been round the houses. Itís not like there are known brands to guide - like Rolls Royce, VW or Lada where you can know where you are.
    I need a small 1m x 1.5m, powerful and efficient CNC but it hasnít been easy to find what I need within a reasonable price band. Stoney CNC seemed good but expensive. I contacted Avid CNC but it was expensive and when you add delivery, local delivery, customs and then the VAT at 20% of the gross cost and delivery it was completely out the ballpark. Iíve also been looking at eBay but I could be buying problems a learner doesnít need. Again no brand names and no support.
    I was looking at the Workbee. It seems ok if a bit lightweight. Certainly even with everything included itís still affordable.
    Are there experienced individuals out there that build CNC machines with all the electronics and Mach 3 on them? Is that a thing? Or am I better going with the Workbee - or recently High Z is the one I was looking at.
    Any input From experienced people would be very gratefully received. Thanks, Bruce.

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    Welcome Bruce! Avid from what I've seen has very mixed reviews from their users of good build quality to having real problems with them. There is users on here that will build you a machine to exactly what you want and within your budget and I can guarantee it will be much better than what you could buy from China or other mass produced items. The support on here is excellent!

    Quite a lot of us here use a software called Mach 3 or Mach 4, personally I'd suggest 3 over 4 but there is plenty of options out there for controlling your machine.


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    Lives in Fife, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 4 Weeks Ago Has been a member for 0-1 years. Has a total post count of 2.
    Thanks Rob. Avid - with British VAT and postage and customs and two sets of delivery etc - was about £11,000 so no chance. Very helpful though. Stoney was near £9000. Workbee is more realistic.

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    Sent you a PM Bruce.
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

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