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    So first some back story...
    I have a Boxzy CnC milling /3d printing/Laser engraving machine. I was able to get it up and operating "back in the day" (2017ish).
    So the laptop i was using to run the Boxzy had a fatal harddrive error. Guess where all the software for running the Boxzy was.
    I got a new laptop, went to the Boxzy website do re-download the software and get the "manual" for installation; to my surprise, Boxzy went out of business and shutdown their website. Luckily I found the software that some generous soul had posted online. Then I found an old video of how to setup the software (and found I needed to load Arduino first).

    I know it seemed like I was rambling but now to the REAL question:

    Since I have to load Arduino first, Do I have to use the Boxzy software to control the machine or can I use any other controlling software that interfaces with Arduino?

    Please remember...I am just an amateur user trying to learn. Thanks in advance.

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    I can't see why you have to re-upload the Arduino code to your Boxzy, since it was just the laptop software that went kaput? You ought to be able to just install the software on the laptop and start talking to what is already loaded in the Arduino. In other words, follow their installation procedure but skip any steps about uploading firmware to the Boxzy since that's already there.

    You will have to install the Arduino software just to get the drivers, but that's probably all you'll need to do on that part. The PC software is the main thing you need to re-instate since that is your interface to what is on the Arduino in the machine.
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    (Agree with Adrian_S - the firmware running on the Arduino doesn't/shouldn't need reloading - that's a one-off configuration thing; re. drivers?, possibly - though that's just the serial driver which you may have already installed on your laptop).

    I suspect what you have is an engraving machine with an Arduino running an instance of the open-source GRBL software. The Boxzy software would be the g-code streamer/manual control software to the Arduino.

    If you're in a hole, I'd look at similar modern machines - they're all likely running similar g-code streamers and manual control software. You may need to reallocate I/O to match the pin mapping on your machine (or rewire) - that's can be "fun" for a while then it'd become tedious - if you're very lucky then many machines will have the same default mapping. But if you can't get the recent PC software to talk to the Arduino and you're really in a corner, there's very little to stop you flashing a new Arduino build for a recent machine, and using the up-to-date PC software. As above, the biggest challenge will be ensuring the I/O mapping is correct.

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    I'm guessing the Boxzy software is using some of the Arduino libraries, which is why it needs the Arduino software to be installed first.

    As Doddy has mentioned, I'd guess they're also using GRBL with some kind of customised computer software to control it. Although there is the possibility they've used some of the CNC code aimed at 3D printers. Regardless, if you know the pin connections used, it should be possible to get GRBL to work.
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    Thank you all for providing the information about the Arduino software, and yes I had to load the Arduino software for drivers and libraries, but my original question was not about the Arduino software. It was whether or not I had to use the Boxzy software. Would I be able to use any other software to control the machine and if so, got any examples?

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    It all depends on what they put in the Arduino. If it's a version of Grbl then you have quite a choice, Universal Gcode sender, Candle , bCNC are three that spring to mind immediately. If it's unique to the Boxzy then you are not going to be able to get an off-the-shelf PC controller unless the Arduino happens to accept the same format of commands the PC issues and return the same set of responses the PC software expects.

    Try opening the Arduino serial monitor to the Boxzy and sending $$ and if it is Grbl you will see a response of the current settings.

    If that doesn't work, you are going to have to try sending it various Gcodes over the serial link to see what is implemented and what the responses are to both correct and unknown codes. I would not have the steppers or spindle powered until these are known.
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    I have been using an Arduino to control a router for a few years using Estlcam, takes Gcode

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    Thanks, I will give this a try. I will also check out your suggestions.

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