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    Hello. Not sure if its correct place to ask but does anyone run uccnc on raspberry pi? Found forum on uccnc forum talking about this, but that's 2 year old, and been talking about rasberi pi 3. Latest one is now pi 4. So not sure if it's possible at all or not. My dedicated laptop for machine decided to give up so I need something to run the machine. My options are if posible pi4 (because its cheap), used laptop, or maybe new mini pc which would be most expensive option. Thanks for any replies!

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    General consensus on '10 on a Pi (I don't mean IoT, but full-fledged 10) is it's do-able - just - but not a pleasant experience. I wouldn't use that as a basis for UCCNC. I wouldn't go there.

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    Not worth messing around with because you can buy a refurb PC for 50-60 with monitor and keyboard. Ebay
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